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LAPTOP HARD DRIVE DATA TRANSFER KIT GIGAPLUS-DUA USB Kit can be used to transfer data from existing laptop hard drive to a new hard drive .     
Kahlon Part #: GIGAPLUS-DUA

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Transfer data safely, quickly and easily using our data transfer kit

That's right, now you can easily deploy a new hard disk on your  laptop transfer all data, operating systems, programs, and everything else automatically!

Kahlon data transfer kit is designed to help you transfer data from your existing laptop hard drive to a new hard drive. It will also give you an option to create bigger partition if your new hard drive capacity is higher than your existing drive.

To copy data, new drive is installed in an external enclosure and disk clone software is used to transfer data from existing drive to new drive. Data transfer process will transfer every program including  operating systems, documents, programs, address books, mail settings in minutes from your existing drive to new drive. The new drive is then installed as an  internal drive in your laptop as a boot up device. The existing drive can be used as an external drive to back up critical data.

Key Features

  • Clones an old hard disk drive to a new one

  • Has automatic and manual hard disk upgrade modes

  • Installs a new hard disk drive as a boot disk or as an additional storage device

  • Creates bigger partition on new higher capacity drive

  • Allows you to re-deploy old hard disk

  • Has an extremely easy to use Windows Vista/XP-like wizard-driven interface

  • Supports large disks over 180 Gb

Supported partitions:

  • FAT16/32

  • NTFS

  • Linux Ext2/Ext3

  • ReiserFS

  • Linux SWAP

  • Sector-by-sector support for unknown and corrupted file systems

Part number:  Gigaplus-DUA
  • Disk Clone Software CD
  • USB external enclosure for 2.5"  laptop hard drive
  • USB cables
  • USB drivers CD
  • Installation instructions and leather case
Compatiblity  Windows 7/Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95. No drivers needed for Windows Vista, 2003, XP and 2000. Plug and Play
Requirement:  USB port is required.
Weight:  1 lbs
Dimensions: Size: 125 (L) x 75(W) x 12(H) mm. Solid Aluminum case