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System Specs for Compaq ProLiant N54L MicroServer

Type of System:Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture:USB
CPU Type:2.2 GHz AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile

System Memory

Standard Memory: 2 GB or 4 GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory:8 GB
Memory Expansion:2 Sockets


Modules must be installed in pairs for Dual Channel performance. For 32-bit Windows operating system, maximum visible memory may be reduced to 3.5GB depending on system BIOS configuration. A 64-bit operating system is needed to utilize maximum memory configurations.

System Memory

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
Web Price Availability Details Order
1GB ECC Module (PC3-10600, DDR3-1333MHz, 1.5v) 500668-B21, KTH-PL313E/1G KCOMB69 $25.00 $15.00 In Stock  Product
2GB ECC Module (PC3-10600, DDR3-1333MHz, 1.5v) 500670-B21, KTH-PL313E/2G KCOMB70 $26.00 $16.00 In Stock  Product
4GB ECC Module (PC3-10600, DDR3-1333MHz, 1.5v) 500672-B21, 593923-B21, NL797AA, KTH-PL313E/4G KCOMB71 $45.00 $35.00 In Stock  Product