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System Specs for Hewlett-Packard Integrity BL60p

Type of System:Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture:(none or n/a)
CPU Type:1.6 GHz Intel Itanium 2

System Memory

Standard Memory: 512 MB or 1 GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory:8 GB
Memory Expansion:4 Sockets (2 Banks of 2)

System Memory

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
Web Price Availability Details Order
1GB ECC Registered Kit (PC2100, DDR266MHz) 300679-B21, 300678-B21, KTC-ML370G3/1G, TS1GCQ0679, 355521-B21 KHEW679-K2 $38.00 $28.00 In Stock  Product
2GB ECC Registered Kit (PC2100, DDR266MHz) 300680-B21, 261585-041, KTC-ML370G3/2G, TS2GCQ0679, 351200-041 KHEW680-K2 $34.00 $24.00 In Stock  Product
4GB ECC Registered Kit (PC2100, DDR266MHz) 300682-B21, KTC-ML370G3/4G KHEW681-K2 $36.00 $26.00 In Stock  Product