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System Specs for Hewlett-Packard NetServer LXr Pro 6/200

Type of System:Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture:PCI/EISA
CPU Type:200MHz Intel Pentium Pro

System Memory

Standard Memory: 128 MB (removable)
Maximum Memory:4 GIG
Memory Expansion:16 sockets (4 banks of 4) / 16 sockets (4 banks of 4) DIMM memory card (D4967A)


MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN GROUPS OF FOUR, EIGHT, OR SIXTEEN. Modules of 64 and 128MB can coexist on the memory board. However, the 32MB modules CANNOT COEXIST with modules of 64 and 1

System Memory

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
Web Price Availability Details Order
32MB Memory D4892A KHEW892 $19.00 $9.00 In Stock  Product
64MB Memory D4290A KHEW290 $29.00 $19.00 In Stock  Product
128MB Memory D4893A, KTH4891/128 KHEW893 $75.00 $65.00 In Stock  Product