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System Specs for Sony VAIO VGN-SZ260P/C

Type of System:Laptops / Notebooks
Bus Architecture:USB/PCMCIA
CPU Type:1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo

System Memory

Standard Memory: 1 GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory:2GB
Memory Expansion:2 Sockets

Batteries & Adapters

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
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High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack
11.1 Volts, 4600mAH, 6 cells     
VGP-BPL2, VGP-BPL2C, VGP-BPS2, VGP-BPS2A, VGP-BPS2B, VGP-BPS2C, VGP-BPS2C/S, VGPBPS2.CE7, VGPBPL2.CE7, B-5478, SY-S, SY-N BSON-5477 $58.00 $48.00 In Stock  Product
High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack
11.1Volts, 7200mAH, 9 cells. This battery has a bigger physical size and 55% more run time than our part number BSON-5477     
A-1114-326-A, A1072506A, A1072507A, VGP-BPS2, VGP-BPS2A, VGP-BPS2B, VGP-BPS2C, B-5477 BSON-5477H $55.00 $45.00 In Stock  Product
AC (Power) Adapter
90 Watt AC Adapter     
ADP-90TH A, PCGA-AC19V1, PCGA-AC19V10, PCGA-AC19V11, PCGA-AC19V12, PCGA-AC19V13, PCGA-AC19V14, PCGA-AC19V19, PCGA-AC19V23, PCGA-AC19V3, VGP-AC19V10, VGP-AC19V11, VGP-AC19V12, VGP-AC19V13, VGP-AC19V14, VGP-AC19V19, VGP-AC19V20, VGP-AC19V21, VGP-AC19V22, VGP-AC19V23, VGP-AC19V24, VGP-AC19V26, VGP-AC19V27, VGP-AC19V30, VGP-AC19V31, VGP-AC19V32, VGP-AC19V37, VGP-AC19V42, VGP-AC19V43, VGP-AC19V48, VGP-AC19V67, VGP-AC19V71, PCGA-AC19V3, PCGA-AC19V4,, SN1910, AC19V90E ACSON-C25H $32.00 $22.00 In Stock  Product
Auto/Air Notebook Power Adapter n/a AASON-C25 $42.00 $32.00 In Stock  Product
Battery Charger External Standalone Unit n/a EBCSON-1015 $139.00 $129.00 In Stock  Product