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How can I reach the maximum memory that my system can handle?

The first thing you should do is read the system specs that came with your system.  This will give you the maximum memory that it can handle and the number of upgradeable sockets available.  To determine the largest size of module you can use, simply divide the maximum memory by the number of sockets.  For instance, a system with 1GB (1024MB) maximum RAM and 4 slots, the highest capacity that can be installed per socket is 256MB. However, there are some cases when this scheme does not always apply.  In our example, a 512MB may be recognized by the system and you can max out the memory by populating just two slots. The two remaining slots may be disabled.

Most systems already come with a minimum standard memory installed when you first buy your machine.  In order to reach the maximum memory, you may be required to take out the existing modules and replace them with higher capacity ones.  Some other systems may require a BIOS upgrade to allow for higher memory capacity.  These upgrades are often available on-line under the support website of the systemís manufacturer.

Kahlon provides memory upgrade options for most systems available in the market.  Check our Memory Configurator for the right memory configuration applicable to your system.