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How can I condition my new Kahlon battery to maximize its performance and life

  • Your battery is shipped by Kahlon in a discharged condition and must be charged first time for 12 hours. Your new battery may require 4 to 5 charge/discharge cycles to reach its maximum capacity.


  • Please make sure to charge and fully discharge the battery al least once every two weeks for maximum performance and long life.


  • Please do not leave your battery unused for long period of time. Your battery can be damaged if left unused for over two to three months.


  • If you are planning not to use your battery for 4 to 5 weeks then please store your battery in cool, clean and dry place. Refrigerators can be used for storage but not freezers.


  • Power management features should be used for Laptop batteries to get maximum performance. Power management can help you save battery power by selecting dimmer screen, lower CPU speed and other low power consumption features.


  • Please note that you do not extend battery life by not using it. Seldom exercise (charge/discharge cycle) of battery pack shortens its life.